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The Losers Club

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The Losers Club

Written by Andrew Clements The New York Times Bestselling Author of Frindle

Print length: 256 pages, Language: English, Grade Level: 3-7, Lexile Measure: 860L, Publisher: Yearling, Publication Date: July 10, 2018, ISBN-10: 0399558758X, ISBN-13: 978-0399557583


Sixth grader Alec can’t put a good book down. So when Principal Vance lays down the law — pay attention in class, or else — Alec takes action. He can’t lose all his reading time, so he starts a club. A club he intends to be the only member of. After all, reading isn’t a team sport, and no one would want to join something called the Losers Club, right? But as more and more kids find their way to Alec’s club — including his ex-friend turned bully and the girl Alec is maybe starting to like — Alec notices something. Real life might be messier than his favorite books, but it’s just as interesting. (Source: Publisher)

Winner of the Rhode Island Children's Book Award (2019)

Winner of the International Reading Association and Children's Book Council: Children's Choices List (2018)

Winner of the Garden State Children's Book Award (2020)

2021 Grand Canyon Reader Award Nominee

A Kansas William White Master List Selection (2018 & 2019)

An Arkansas Charlie May Simon Children's Book Award Nominee (2019)

A California Young Reader Medal Nominee (2019)

A Nebraska Golden Sower Award Nominee (2019)

A Virginia Young Readers Program Award Nominee (2019)

A Minnesota Maud Heart Lovelace Award Nominee (2019)

A Missouri Mark Twain Award Nominee (2019)

An Oregon Reader’s Choice Award Nominee (2019)


This book is one of my favorites. (I have lots of favorites. It’s in the top fifteen). I think the reason I love this book the most is because the main character loves to read as much as I do. There are lots of kids in the Losers Club. So, I think every reader can relate to at least one of the characters. The main plot encourages readers to understand that titles are what others give you, but they do not define you. Book lovers will love this story.

Positive messages: courage, forgiveness, friendship, rebranding

Language: characters call each other bookworm, loser, nerd, and other mean labels were thrown around


Book Reviews by Kids for Kids

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